Reduce thermal energy cost

+25 year lifetime

Positive netto cash flow from year 1

Reduce energy consumption

+80.000 hours lifetime

<3 year return of investment

Stabilize low power cost

25 year yield guarantee

5 year return of investment

Reduce energy loss

+25 year lifetime

<3 year return of investment

Solar steam plant


Picture illustrates Aalborg CSP 500 KW reference project in Thisted, Denmark.

CSP from Aalborg CSP

Industrial solar boilers

Clean, reliable and cost-effective energy for industrial purposes

The Earth's demand for energy increases but the supply of fossil fuels shrinks. The concentrated solar power (CSP) technology replaces the energy derived from fossil fuels with energy generated from the sun, a free and abundant fuel. The CSP technology can be used to satisfy electricity, heating and process steam production, cooling and desalination.

ACSP Industrial Solar Boiler

With the great expertise and global leadership gained in CSP power plant projects, Aalborg CSP has earned a position at the forefront of bringing clean, reliable and cost-effective thermal energy to the industrial market segments with the innovative ACSP Industrial Solar Boiler. Aalborg CSP designs, constructs and commissions this solar-driven technology that can rely on two different type of designs depending on the specific requirements of each customer:

Parabolic trough technology
 suited for:


Solar tower technology suited for:

  • Saturated steam up to 65 bar / 280°C
  • Superheated steam up to 110 bar / 540°C


The ACSP Industrial solar boiler is an add-on to an existing energy source and can be applied to a series of applications all essential for a wide spread of industries. Learn more about the output possibilities suitable for certain industries.


Renewable = savings

The sun is a free and abundant fuel. Utilizing the sun's energy not only means thousands of tons emission reduction per year but it also has the advantage to reach lowest production price compared to other systems that rely on heavy fuel oil or biomass. The ACSP Industrial Solar Boiler relies on the CSP technology that is able to exploit annual solar radiation more efficiently than any other technologies. It therefore provides a stable energy source and fixes energy production prices at a surprisingly low level.

steam-box1.jpgSolar steam plant
pipes-box2.jpgEnergy-efficient pipes electric-box3.jpgSolar electricity plant lighting-box4.jpgEco-friendly lighting
The ACSP Industrial Solar Boiler is a Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology using mirrors to concentrate sunlight onto a receiver pipe where boiler water is being pumped. Pre-insulated pipes from LOGSTOR with finished insulation and components such as fittings and flexible joints are quick to install and bring into service. Solar photovoltaics power generation has long been seen as a clean sustainable energy technology, which draws upon the planet’s most plentiful and widely distributed renewable energy source – the sun. LED technology provide a comfortable light, which turns on and off instantly and can give up to 80% energy consumption reduction while having a lifespan that exceeds conventional light bulbs by more than 500%.

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