Reduce thermal energy cost

+25 year lifetime

Positive netto cash flow from year 1

Reduce energy consumption

+80.000 hours lifetime

<3 year return of investment

Stabilize low power cost

25 year yield guarantee

5 year return of investment

Reduce energy loss

+25 year lifetime

<3 year return of investment

Energy-efficient pipes


Pre-insulated pipes from Logstor

LOGSTOR pre-insulated pipe systems were originally developed for district heating energy infrastructure, which is one of the most prevalent forms of energy for heating of houses and industrial buildings today.

The pre-insulated pipe, with its unique insulation, has also gained ground in the industry sector for transport of water and steam for heating as well as the Oil & Gas sector for transport of liquids with another viscosity. 

LOGSTOR offers a complete product range of pre-insulated pipes for buried as well as freely suspended pipe installation - onshore as well as offshore. LOGSTOR is well familiar with inventing special solutions for complex projects and can participate within all levels of support. 

The use of LOGSTOR pre-insulated pipe systems is primarily due to its good insulation properties and the long service life, and LOGSTOR offers the highest standard of safety and certification available, as well as on-site delivery around the world.

steam-box1.jpgSolar steam plant
pipes-box2.jpgEnergy-efficient pipes electric-box3.jpgSolar electricity plant lighting-box4.jpgEco-friendly lighting
The ACSP Industrial Solar Boiler is a Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology using mirrors to concentrate sunlight onto a receiver pipe where boiler water is being pumped. Pre-insulated pipes from LOGSTOR with finished insulation and components such as fittings and flexible joints are quick to install and bring into service. Solar photovoltaics power generation has long been seen as a clean sustainable energy technology, which draws upon the planet’s most plentiful and widely distributed renewable energy source – the sun. LED technology provide a comfortable light, which turns on and off instantly and can give up to 80% energy consumption reduction while having a lifespan that exceeds conventional light bulbs by more than 500%.

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